A day in the life of a Tourvest Destination Management office employee

The morning sun rises over the Sandton skyline, the richest square mile in Africa. As you enter Norwich Place West, you know you are home. Friendly faces and warm greetings are exchanged as you wander to your desk. As you sip your morning coffee you attend to your emails. An excellent booking has come in from a new and exciting client, you and your team cannot wait to get onto creating the most spectacular itinerary or event possible for them. Creativity is always abundant in the morning so you get to this straight away. Nothing is structured, every day is different, and each day a new opportunity to be more awesome and be Bigger, Better and Faster. A loud voice greets you from behind your chair, alarming you and making you jump. It’s Martin, the CEO doing a walk around and greeting his staff.

Your day is a flurry of phone calls, emails and meetings but all whilst having some fun. You are continuously connecting to extraordinary people, places and passions. This connection is with clients, suppliers, other business units and the various divisions within Tourvest. That’s why you love your job. This is a family. This is a place where lifelong friendships are formed.