Estelle Malan

Reservations Supervisor – Sense of Africa Namibia

Sense of Africa has been my first job. I came back from Germany in March 2003 and started working for Sense of Africa in June 2003. Back then I did not know what I was letting myself into. I also did not know that I will still be working for the same company 13 years later.

I started off as a trainee and within months I was promoted to Tour Consultant. 2 years later I was promoted to a Team Leader and have been Reservations Supervisor for the past year and a half.Every day I face new challenges. For now, I am aiming for 15 years at Tourvest Namibia. This is my family and cannot imagine being without such a wonderful organisation.

Emilia Kassangili

Sales & Marketing Co-ordinator – TEAM Destination Management

My journey at Tourvest Destination Management all started in 2009 as a learner at that time in preparation for the FIFA world Cup 2010, since then I have never looked back. After a successful completion of the FIFA World Cup 2010 event, I was given an internship opportunity in the creative department as an assistant to the team. My internship experience had not only been focused on administration work but went over and above that, by offering me the opportunity to learn design and manage projects. I continued to learn from my manager and work colleagues at that time and was grateful for the opportunities given. In 2014 I was given another opportunity to start a new journey in the ‘Sports World’ as Marketing Coordinator for TEAM Destination Management. At first the role was intimidating, none the less I came to realise that anything is possible if your mind is focused, if you are driven by passion, together with mentorship and someone who is willing  to sacrifice their time and energy to guide you through every step of the way, to make sure you are a success at your job.The lessons I have learnt from this organisation is that is that doing a great job and achieving the desired end result should be a primary motivation to succeed. What you get out depends on what you put in.

Paulus Ileka

Auto Mechanic – Sense of Africa Namibia

I was born in a small village called Okahao from the Omushati region in Namibia. My career started as a Diesel Mechanic assistant at Sense of Africa. I was then offered the opportunity to study at ICTI from 2012-2015 to become a mechanic. I completed my Level 4 certificate. Since completing my studies I have continued to work in the Sense of Africa Workshop as an Auto Mechanic, servicing our fleet and dealing with breakdowns all over the country. I shall be forever grateful to Sense of Africa for having faith in me. Now I have a bright future!

Sunet Petersen

Training Facilitator – Sense of Africa Namibia

I began my career at Sense of Africa at the tender age of 23 as a junior tour consultant. I started working with one of our biggest wholesale agents. In 2013 I was given the opportunity to take on the role of Team Leader within the reservations department. This position proved to be challenging but rewarding as well and helped my grow and develop even further.

In 2016 a new challenge presented itself in the form of a new position as a Training facilitator, my current position. This new path has evoked a new passion in me and drives me each day to achieve even more. I am thankful to Tourvest Destination Management for their wonderful support and belief in me.

Illana Pereira

Sales and Marketing Director – TEAM Destination Management

TEAM Destination Management, I very quickly grabbed the opportunity as this is where my passion truly lies. I became Sales and Marketing Manager of TEAM – learnt an incredible amount, worked tirelessly and gave all that I could to assist in making a huge success of our division.  10 years later I am Global Sales and Marketing Director, I travel the world, I am passionate about my company and what I do and I work as part of an incredible global team. Most importantly, I have the privilege of calling Tourvest my home.

Remember, to always do more than you are paid to do and do work that leaves your teammates breathless.  Maybe one day you too can call Tourvest your home!

Andrew Lailvaux

Chief Logistics Officer – Tourvest Destination Management

After moving to Cape Town in 1995 without a job or house, I ran a restaurant for about 3 months. Then I started out in tourism as a driver working for a shuttle company, followed by 18 months at Hylton Ross as a driver/guide. While it was endless fun it wasn’t very mentally stimulating so I took up an offer at Springbok Atlas to manage their Day Tours. It was in this job I learnt to use a computer for the first time! After some time re-organising the tours and a steep learning curve I was offered the position of managing the Overland Scheduled Tours. I suppose you could call this my first “proper job” and it was where I learnt a lot about myself and tourism in general.

In July 1999 I joined Welcome Tours & Safaris, as it was then known, as General Manager Cape Town. Within a week I was also responsible for managing Magic Bus, which Tourvest owned at the time. To be honest, I didn’t have a clue what to do, but after much communication and guidance from people in JHB, we all settled into our roles. Managing a new group of people and business was a great challenge. Things calmed down soon enough and it was an amazing experience getting to know so many different people. Before long Tourvest sold Magic Bus to Unitrans and that left the Cape Town office with 3 people. I was offered the opportunity in 2007 to move to Kenya to work at Vintage Africa, a Tourvest owned company now known as Sense of Africa Kenya. It was an incredible experience full of plenty of learnings for me as well as my family. After Kenya, I relocated to the JHB office and took up a position as General Manager of TEAM for the FIFA 2010 World Cup. Another great experience with a great team of people.

Over the years with Tourvest I have moved countries twice, offices seven times, the business has been restructured completely and also renamed a few times. The business and people have grown beyond the wildest expectations. I’ve had the opportunity to work on global sports events overseas for TEAM DM in Brasil, UK, France and Italy, with Russia next on the horizon. Since starting in tourism as a driver, I have progressed to my current position of Chief Logistics Officer at TDM – or CLOT as some call me! Don’t believe anyone who tells you Cape Town people only work half day – yes it’s true that we admire the mountain every day, but we do manage to work hard in between! My best work experience to date has to be the FIFA World Cup in Brasil – I learnt so much about myself, teamwork and the challenges that come with working in a foreign country.

During my time at TDM, the one thing that stands out for me are the people that I have worked with – the support and teamwork is brilliant and I have met people who I trust completely to get us through anything. Some of the friendships I have gained will last a lifetime and it has been an amazing life journey for me personally. The leadership in this business is unique and the support is always there, day or night, whether I am in Cape Town or halfway around the world.

Always remember, you have to want to do the job, if not you should probably look for something else that interests you. One piece of advice for people starting out – stay humble, listen to people around you, learn from others, lead by example and always find a solution. If I can do it so can you.